D.I.Y. Sustainable Hygiene Products

Make It or Take It

D.I.Y. Sustainable Hygiene Products

How often do you purchase personal hygiene products and wonder about how sustainable those products are? You may have never thought about it or you think about it all the time.


Have you thought about making your own products but find yourself concerned about the expenses and overwhelmed with the number of recipes online? Well, don’t worry we have that covered. Join us to participate in an easy DIY personal hygiene event. We will discuss the benefits, costs, and processes of DIY in a fun and educational manner. There is an option to take the materials with you and make the items at home if you want!


The Office of Sustainability is partnering with Student Life to host a DIY personal hygiene event called Make N’ Take. We will be making toothpaste in February, Lotion bars in March, and Deodorant in April. All you have to do is bring 1 reusable container such as a small mason jar, an old deodorant container, or a tin container.


RSVP below and you can stop by the Student Life Lounge on February 23rd, March 30th, or April 27th to participate in this event.

NOTICE: The February 23rd event has been postponed to March 4th. 


Be advised that if you choose to attend this event you must RSVP. When you attend you are required to sign a safety waiver before participating.

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