Green Team Network

Green Team Network

Green Team

Kraemer Family Library Team Green (Pictured left to right: Wendy Kisicki, Molly Mulligan, Joel Tonyan, Shad Harder, Julia Bullock, Carlos Duarte. Not Pictured: Joanie Carlo)

Green Teams consist of faculty, staff, and students within departments who determine an overall goal to make their department more sustainable. Green Teams identify how their department or unit can increase efficiency, create a happy work environment, save money, and reduce their environmental impact by incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday processes. Green Team participation is solely volunteer based and any amount of time dedicated to becoming more sustainable is positive. Members will be added to the larger network of Green Teams to communicate their practices, success, and trials to create a campus-wide, collaborative effort towards sustainability. Members do not need any prior experience or knowledge to be on a Green Team. Your passion and will to be more sustainable is all you need.

Green Team FAQ

What is a Green Team?
What Responsibilities does a Green Team have?
How much of a time commitment is it to be part of a Green Team?
Do I need any prior experience/knowledge to be on a Green Team?
What resources are available to support my Green Team?