What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is larger than UCCS and larger than Colorado Springs -- it is a global issue. Since sustainability encompasses virtually every aspect of our lives, it is a challenge to define it, much as it is with concepts such as 'freedom' or 'liberty'. Sustainability is often divided into three areas or pillars--environment, equity, economy.

Help Make UCCS More Sustainable!

Sustainability @ UCCS

  1. Visit the UCCS Sustainability Demonstration House and take a tour!
  2. Stop by Roaring Fork Dining Hall and eat at Food Next Door!
  3. Borrow a bike lock from the KFL Circulation Desk!
  4. Submit a project for funding through the Green Action Fund!
  5. Engage with Students for Environmental Awareness & Sustainability!
  6. Take a Sustainability flagged course!
  7. Create a Dept. Sustainability Committee and join the Green Team Network!
  8. Choose your commute with many transportation options!

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Visit us at the Sustainability Demonstration House!