UCCS Earth Day 2020

UCCS Earth Day

Earth Day

Join us in celebrating Earth Day's 50th anniversary!
We will be celebrating all week long in a series of events throughout Earth Week. 

50th Anniversary

How can I celebrate Earth Day from home?
History of the First Earth Day | April 22, 1970
UCCS' First Earth Day
Article from the Cragmor Newsletter from 1970 for the first earth day
"Because we breath the same air and depend on the same earth for survival. Because we, not somebody else, must do the job. Because we are part not only of a wider university in Colo., but also part of the whole university community, sharing knowledge, problems and obligations. Because there is talent here, specific local problems and concerns, and we have a contribution to make." - Cragmor Newsletter (UCCS) 1970

UCCS Earth Day April 22, 1970