Ash Haag

Ash Haag

Ash Haag

Volunteer Spotlight - January 2016


What's your major?

What's your favorite food?
Cheese... though I did tear up with happiness when I ate a magnificent cucumber once.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would fix up a sweet AWD box van for back-road van-dwelling adventures because our current one is slowly dying (and only has one working rear drive-wheel that gets stuck in sand).

What sustainable item(s) do you always have with you?
The vast majority of my clothes are second-hand so I consume more from the waste stream, I have used the same plastic bag to bring my lunch the entire time I have attended UCCS (which I rescued from my Mom's house), and I always have the old Gatorade bottle my nephew left at my place last summer nearby with water.

Would you rather walk on the moon or visit the bottom of the ocean?
OH MAN!  Is this magic world where I can walk on the moon without a space-suit on and not die?  Because THAT.  There are scary water monsters at the bottom of the ocean.