What Can You Do?

Reduce Reuse Recycle

What Can You Do?

Use the guide below to determine what you can do with materials before you send it to the landfill. Be a good steward of your stuff.

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Refuse to purchase cheaply manufactured products that are shipped long distances and require large amounts of fossil fuels. Purchase local and used products before turning to new outlets.

Reduce consumption of petroleum by choosing to purchase less items made with plastic or consider purchasing less items in general.

Reuse any items that have life left in them before recycling them. Giving items a longer life decreases the need to manufacture new items out of raw materials.

Repair or repurpose any items before throwing them away and purchasing new ones. This also gives items a longer life span and decreases the need for raw materials.

When reusing and repairing are no longer an option, recycle. Be sure to properly recycle materials according to current recycling standards and hazardous waste protocols.