Michelle Mutu - [Summer 2022]

Michelle Mutu Pic

Michelle Mutu - [Summer 2022]

Internship Project: Ozone Garden


Michelle Mutu


Graduation Year:
Spring 2023

Internship Project:
Ozone Garden Research

Project Goals:
To spread awareness about the negative effects of ground-level ozone pollution on plant and human health. To collect thorough data and accurate atmospheric readings for the NCAR to further analyze and apply. To create a clean and inviting space for students and those interested in expanding their knowledge on sustainable methods to lessen ground-level ozone pollution and to be able to recognize the signs of potential ozone damage. To encourage citizens to adopt and participate in sustainable practices on a daily basis. 

Project Description:
The ozone garden is a student-run, Green Action Fund (GAF) project which allows me to screen the natural ecosystems health in the environment through the monitoring of bioindicator plants and the use of new scientific technology. The ozone garden is a visual representation of the harmful effects ground-level ozone pollution has on our environment and health and is indicative of air quality in any given area. Monitoring air quality is especially important in this area due to high ozone levels in the Denver Metro/Front Range Region being out of compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency Since 2007.