Sustainability Summit 2020

Sustainability Summit 2020 | Celebrating UCCS Successes

Engage & Invest

Thank you for joining us for our 4th annual Sustainability Summit! We want to thank each of our presenters for taking the time to pre-record their presentations. 

Please join Jaymee and Mauricio for our introduction video below, and we hope you enjoy!

Don't forget to submit your questions from 11/16-11/25 via the form linked under every presentation; we'll be updating this webpage with answers from our presenters. If you'd like to get involved in any of the programs, projects or organizations, please email, and we'll connect you!

After you've finished watching these presentations, don't miss out on Mountain Lion Research Week - available 11/16-20!



Student Organizations
Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability (SEAS) | Zach Miller & Jenna Lozano
Green Action Fund | Natalie Rodriguez
Sustainability Research
Sustainability Culture Survey | Hannah Daugherty
DRIVE ON | Claudia Werckle
The Importance of a Vibrant Urban Core | Colorado Springs Case Study | Dr. John Harner
Ozone Garden | Jesse Smith
Trails on Campus - Revegetation Study + Trails Master Plan | Dr. Maggie Gaddis + Skyler Rorabaugh + Lacey Meek + TJ Peck
Program Updates
PIPs (Positive Impact Points) | Ryan Maikell
Composting in KFL | Mauricio Soriano
Project Update
Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 | Joel Tonyan + Jaymee Collins