Jen Raskin - [Summer 2018]

Jen Raskin Headshot

Jen Raskin - [Summer 2018]

Internship Project: National Wildlife Federation | Wildlife Habitat Certification


Jen Raskin


Graduation Year:
May 2020

Internship Project:
National Wildlife Federation | Wildlife Habitat Certification

Project goals:

Follow the National Wildlife Foundation’s guidelines to provide a wildlife habitat in the Sustainability Demonstration House’s Yard

Research and implement effective ways to improve the yard as a habitat for wildlife including: food and water sources, cover for wildlife to seek shelter, places for wildlife to raise young, and on-going sustainable practices for maintaining the wildlife garden

Increase the community’s awareness of the threat of dwindling habitat of many species and encourage the community to follow the guidelines provided by the National Wildlife Foundation to help promote a healthy habitat

Provide tangible ways on- and off-campus community members can provide wildlife habitats in their own yards

Short project description: The National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Certified Wildlife Habitat is a certification that can be obtained by fulfilling several requirements. Certified Wildlife Habitats use sustainable practices to provide wildlife with food, water, cover and places to raise young. Following the guidelines provided by The National Wildlife Federation, I researched ways to provide a healthier habitat for the wildlife on campus. I developed and implemented a Certified Wildlife Habitat in the Sustainability Demonstration House’s yard. I also provided the Sustainability House with future plans to continue to encourage the native animals, insects and plants to maintain a healthy population.

What is your favorite part of the Internship program: Researching about wildlife was very rewarding and educational. I learned a great deal about the diets and nesting behaviors of many different native birds. Although I loved the research, I feel that the best part of this internship program was being able to bring awareness to our native wildlife. I believe it is very important to respect and give back to the native species.