Kierra Barrington - [Fall 2017-Spring 2018]

Kierra Barrington portrait

Kierra Barrington - [Fall 2017-Spring 2018]

Internship Project: Campus Outreach


Kierra Barrington


Graduation Year:
May 2020

Internship Project:
Campus Outreach

Project Goals:
To create awareness of sustainability on campus
To create a fun way to engage/inform the public
To get as many people involved and volunteering in the sustainability efforts

Project Description:
Populate the Sustainability board in Columbine Hall to increase UCCS community awareness of small changes they can make in their own lives. This included researching information and meeting with staff members in the office to coordinate the theme of the board and creating inviting and engaging displays. The topics this semester were: Creek Week/water conservation; Espresso Yourself/reduce/reuse; Give gifts of experience.


Creek Week/Water conservation board

Espresso Yourself/reduce/reuse board