Morgan Lavender - [Spring 2020]

Morgan Lavender

Morgan Lavender - [Spring 2020]

Internship Project: PIPs - Positive Impact Points


Morgan Lavender

Masters of Science in Health Promotions

Graduation Year:
May 2020

Internship Project:
PIPs - Positive Impact Points

Project Goals:
Provide support to provide future interns with the opportunity to research and publish findings on PIPs data. 

Project Description:
Study student health behaviors through PIPs points to define outcomes, track trends, study habits, and assist with prioritizing point distribution. Monetize PIPs points actions to prepare for a presentation to update pro-staff on the effectiveness and utilization of the program on our campus. 

What is your favorite part of the Internship program: 
I have been able to use the Health Promotion's graduate curriculum in practice to analyze data and create a meaningful presentation that educates others on the effectiveness of the program and to lay the groundwork for future research!