Campus Sustainable Features Map


Campus Sustainable Features Map



Sustainability Self-Guided Tours - Short (~15 minutes; 0.8 miles)
Follow the map above utilizing the orange walking icons to view six locations on campus and learn about the initiatives, programs, and features that you may walk past every day. Not every icon is featured on this tour, so feel free to wander and learn more on your own!
Level of Difficulty 2/5 - the campus' geography is somewhat hilly and due to the nature of a long and skinny layout, tours will involve more walking; feel free to take a break in any of the buildings and enjoy the wonderful view of Pikes Peak from the bluffs! - wheelchair accessible notes are italicized

1) Starting Point: Roaring Fork
Built in 2014, Roaring Fork is a LEED Gold building that houses the main operations for the UCCS-run Dining and Hospitality Services. DHS continuously wins awards in regards to their sustainable initiatives and programs. Some of these awards include: NACUFS Nutrition Awards, Bronze - Most Innovative Wellness and Nutrition Program, 2016 and the first university in Colorado and only the 13th nation-wide to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification for serving sustainable seafood on campus, October 2016. The building's namesake is the Roaring Fork River in western Colorado. It has neat features like the terrazzo floor, which reflects an interpretation of the geography of the Colorado Front Range region. Roaring Fork also has raised beds on the northeast side of the roof for growing produce and herbs that are used directly in the kitchens below! The station inside Roaring Fork, Food Next Door, was a freshman seminar project. Fours students wanted to see the food grown at the UCCS Farm and Greenhouse in one location, so instead of saying some of the food you're eating in the dining halls are from the Farm, this allows consumers to know that everything on their plate either came from the Farm or Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (AVOG.) Graduate students in the Sports Nutrition program plan out recipes depending on the produce that is in season and serves the food on Tuesdays. There's always a line, so get there early!
Complete sidewalk from Roaring Fork to Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center; very little slope.

2) Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center
The original Recreation Center (the eastern side of the building) was the first LEED certified building at UCCS. With the new addition, the Recreation and Wellness Centers have been able to more easily collaborate on initiatives that involve mindfulness, active transportation, and healthy eating. Don't forget to check out the newly renovated Tava Trail behind the building that links Alpine Village with main campus - enjoy the views of the Front Range while increasing your heart rate on the way to class! Stop by the S.O.L.E. Center from 12-6pm to rent a bike from the BikeShare program for free! The Center also offers bike maintenance classes, whitewater rafting trips, and emphasizes the importance of Leave No Trace principles. 
The Tava Trail is not wheelchair accessible.

3) Rain Garden
The rain garden between Copper Hall and Eldora Hall not only slows the water that rushes off of the bluffs, but the plants are chosen specifically to help reduce the amount of pollutants that end up in our City's stormwater. By reducing the flow and the contaminants, the campus is doing its part to improve our City's infrastructure. 

4) Edible Garden
Another garden, but with a different purpose. This garden was a student project to show our campus community how easy it is to plant edible plants that are also attractive. The idea is that wherever we water, we should be growing food. The students encourage passersby to stop and pick a raspberry or some mint to flavor your tea or add a few more sprigs of lettuce to your lunch!
This .1 mile walk includes a slope with an average of 3% and a max of 11%.

5) Kraemer Family Library
Before you walk into the Kraemer Family Library, look to your right and you'll see one of four solar umbrella tables on campus. Bring your laptop and recharge in two ways - outlets for your electronics and the outdoors for you! The library has a very active Team Green that has initiated many programs to make KFL even more sustainable. They not only compost in their break room, but they've also received Green Action Fund grants for the free, bike locks rental program, reusable tote bags that you can check out with your books, and the fitness study stations where you can leisurely bike or walk while studying or reading.
The next part of the tour, you'll be completely inside the building. Go through the library, exit, and take a left. At the end of the long hallway to your left, you'll see ramp access to Cafe 65.

6) Cafe 65 - Green&Go Reusable To-Go Containers
Stop by Cafe 65 for lunch. If you need to run, make sure to ask for your food in a Green&Go container! Each container helps reduce 350 single-use disposable containers. Take your lunch and eat outside at one of fours solar tables. Plug in your laptop to do homework while enjoying the Colorado sunshine!

- - - - - This is the end of the short walking tour! To continue on the longer walking tour, follow the instructions below. - - - - - 

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